The 5Y3 Rectifier

The 5Y3. As time went by the 4 pin UX base that the 80 was built around went out of style in favor of the newer Octal base, and the Type 80 evolved into the 5Y3. Here we have a small selection of 5Y3 tubes by RCA, Sylvania, Raytheon, WU and the amazing Bendix 5852. These are great audio rectifiers. Spec sheets for the 5Y3 can be found here: here.

The 5Y3. RCA and Sylvania 5Y3.

The 5Y3. A comparison of RCA and Bendix Red Bank.

The 5852. Lots of over-construction!

The 5852. This Bendix tube was made for the early Eclipse Pioneer division circa 1951. Very cool stuff. During the Cold War, the US Air Force commissioned some of the most amazing tubes ever conceived and built. Intended for use in a high G-force environment, like a missile or a jet fighter, the Bendix is just completely overbuilt with 4 pillars, three micas and a ceramic shield for the heater. The ultimate rectifier, literally made for Doomsday. Imagine how much Uncle Sam paid for each of these units.