Glow from a pair of 1920's Cunnigham CX310 tubes.

Welcome to Glow in the Dark Audio

This site is intended to showcase a personal collection of small scale, low production and one of a kind hi-fi audio gear. This is not a review site, and I am offering only my personal and overwhelmingly positive impressions of the gear that I've chosen to feature here. My intention is to provide information and detailed photographs for other enthusiasts and to share my experience with some of the tubes, amps, and speakers I have spent my money on and enjoyed in my home. I have had the pleasure of owning and auditioning some extremely unusual and fine audio gear in the past few years, and perhaps that experience can be of benefit to you. Happy Listening!

Spotify "Demo" playlist. This is a little easier to digest, about 3 hours of music. This is the list I play from when first evaluating a new piece of gear.

Spotify glowinthedarkaudio playlist. 50 hours of music and counting.

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