Single Ended EL-84 (RH84 circuit)

This is the finest sounding single ended EL-84 amplifier that I've yet owned. Built by the same gentleman who crafted the SE 6N6G, this one follows many of the same lines; using the Tamura power and output transformers, and with a similar compact chassis and chicken head volume control.

This SE EL-84 amplifier is based on the now famous RH84 circuit. It has a very detailed, bass rich sound, and is extremely easy to listen to. It responds well to tube choices, and although my Telefunken EL-84 sound superb here (no surprise really), I've found this amp to sound best using the Bendix 6094 tubes on pin adapters. With slightly less gain, the 6094 bring a clarity and lack of grain that is really nice. The driver is the widely available 12AT7, a tube of which I have many varieties to choose from.

I have no idea if it's the circuit used here, the parts, or the careful work of the builder, but this may be the last EL-84 amp that I feel the need to own.

The transformer set on this amp is the Tamura TamRadio iron that I like so much, and that came in the early 60’s Sony reel to reels.