Audio Music Transformer Volume Control

The Audio Music Transformer Volume Control (TVC) is one of the beefiest and most supremely well constructed pieces of audio gear I’ve ever seen. This thing is an absolute beast! Designed by James Zhang (of Stereo Knight) this TVC uses super high quality proprietary transformers together with a Swiss-made Elma 24 step pot to deliver stunningly transparent and open sound. Nearly 15 pounds of transformers mounted to a 1.5 inch solid aluminum billet, the previous owner added the plexi base and feet, and I think the whole package is quite impressive looking.

So how does it sound? Should a passive volume control even have a sound? In this case we are going for pure transparency and the Audio Music seems to deliver. Although I do prefer amplifiers with a built in volume control, this little wonder is now my first choice to interface with any amp that doesn't have one. Back to back with the Luminous Audio Walker, the signal through the Audio Music TVC is more spacious and more “free” feeling. Both are great, and are easy to listen to for long periods, but the TVC simply seems to show a bit more of everything in the program material (both good and bad). This model seems to be a first generation product, and Audio Music now offers even more in their newest models. Well worth a look if you are in the market for an invisible sounding stand-alone volume control.

Very hi-end looking gear. This thing is just so well executed.

Too bad about the name...Audio Music. Seems like someone could have put a bit more thought into that one.

A very simple interface. The switch activates +6 db of gain, but at the cost of too much bandwidth to be worth using. A strange feature for sure in a passive pre.