Bez Single Ended 300B

Hand made by Mr. Edmund Lam in Hong Kong, these 300B Monos are the first 300B I purchased, and are the best incarnation of single ended 300B that I have yet heard. I guess I got it right the first time! These relatively modest monoblocks are stunning sonically; with a breadth and depth of sound that has the glowing “lit from within” 300B signature that everyone loves, with that peculiar emphasis on the vocals, but it manages to remain open and airy like a 2A3. Most of the 300B amps I have heard tend toward thick and heavy. Not here. These amps are like a breath of fresh air.

These monos also show tube changes very clearly. I have had a number of 300B tubes in these and so far the best (and currently undefeated) are the Sophia meshplate globes. I’m looking forward to one day having the black bottled Treasure tubes in these amps. Whatever magic Mr. Lam worked on these makes them very special, and a tremendous bargain in the overly brand conscious world of hi-fi.

Drivers are NOS RCA 6AG7 and NOS Raytheon mesh plate 6C5. This amp is particularly sensitive to rectifier tubes. I have finally settled on old stock Sylvania ST 5U4G.

the Bez feature speaker outputs for 4 and 8 ohms and switchable power taps at 115 or 230V.