Bozak B199a

The Bozak B199a woofer dates to the early 1960’s. The pair below came with the typical tweeter array mounted on a frame that extended across the big 12-inch driver, making this a coaxial speaker. It likely was loaded in a large infinite baffle enclosure, where it stayed for 4o+ years.

This 12 inch driver is an excellent speaker. Robust and extremely well made, with a super heavy hemp cone and an alnico magnet. The tweeters this came with however were not so great. Liberated from the poor tweeters, this driver is capable of portraying a very realistic soundscape, with deep and rich bass and a wonderful full tonality. While not terribly efficient, it does play fine with the larger single ended amp, say 5-6 or more watts per channel, making it a good match for 300B amps. Paired with an appropriate tweeter, it can make a very good open baffle speaker system.