Lance Cochrane 6V6 monoblock tube amps

Lance Cochrane’s amps are so good that I sometimes can’t resist sampling them when they (rarely) come up on the used market. That was the case with these 6V6 monoblocks.

"Industrial Ugly Beauty" could be the term to best describe these, but like all of Lance’s amps the sound is superb. Here we have the typical captured lamp power cords, hammertone paint, etc. that seems to be a Cochrane signature. The sound is big, rich and full with great imaging and tone. 6V6 is a really nice tube and it shines here. RCA clear top 12AU7 were the best choice for me driving these amplifiers.

On a side note, Lance is one of the friendliest and most enjoyable people I’ve dealt with in the hifi world, and is always happy to discuss his amps and answer questions. If you have an opportunity to own his gear, I can’t imagine anyone being unhappy with the sound.