Decware Torii Mark 4

Decware is a company whose product I really believe in. And after owning 4 of their fine amplifiers, I can say that Decware never disappoints.

Here we have one of their top level amplifiers, the Torii, pictured here as a Mark 3 factory upgraded to a Mark 4. Like its little brother the Mini Torii, the big Torii is a swiss army knife of amplification. A push pull design this time, it has so many possible tube combinations that it boggles the mind. Ostensibly an EL-34 amplifier, the Mark 4 version can take KT66, KT77, and 6L6 (and the many, many fine varieties therein). I've used all of those, as well as 6BG6, 807, and the Soviet 6P3S-E. I have to say that the EL-34 sounds best to me, with a crisp and bold presentation. The Soviet 6P3S-E were also quite good.

At 24 watts per channel this amp has enough power for most speakers out there. I have run it with a number of drivers of varying efficiency, and like all of the Decware amps I've had it is dead quiet at idle on even the most efficient speakers. My Torii is currently in service in the living room driving a set of Diatone clone drivers in a ported box. As such, this is the system that most all of our visitors hear, and everyone has been very impressed with how "real" music sounds in our home. And the Torii looks fantastic to boot. Highly recommended if you need more than the 1.5 watts of a single ended 45.