Goldox Push Pull 300b Amplifier

The Goldox 300B pictured below was advertised locally on Craigslist and I couldnt resist another 300B temptation! The 300B is a love/hate relationship for sure.

The Goldox 300B is a push pull design making 16 or 18 watts per channel. Its a robustly constructed amplifer with heavy transformers and decent enough connectors. The sound is big and rich as 300b tend to be, but with noticeably more power. There is a bit of transformer hum with this amp, and I've found that to be common with the 300B as well. Overall, this amplifier has a cool sound but it was easily eclipsed by the Dared VP80, and overall I liked the little Magnvox 6V6 push pull better as well. This did give a good taste of 300B coloration which does have it appeal.