Jenison Audio Ultra SE1

The single ended monoblock amplifiers below are the work of Kevin Ballast, and are set up to use any 6L6/KT88/EL34 tube as the user wishes. Driven by a GEC EF86 pentode and rectified with a variety of choices from 5Y3 to 5AR4, these amps are a tube rollers dream come true. Details on this build, which was originally to run the EL156, are at Kevin's website 6th Street Bridge.

So far, I’ve used these with KT88, EL34, and my favorite so far, the Bendix 6889. The Bendix tubes take a while to warm up, but once going they are very smooth and offer a big rich sound. The massive Hammond output transformers likely have something to do with that too. Overall, these have been a pleasure to use but take up a lot of real estate on my bench.