Jeremy Fix Single Ended 13EM7

My second hi-fi unit from Jeremy Fix, this superb single ended 13EM7 amplifier served as my reference unit for quite some time. Based on the famous Fred Nachbaur 13EM7 circuit, Jeremy pushed it to the limit with high quality parts and higher plate voltage. Full details on this build are available here on Jeremy’s website.

This great sounding tube amplifier makes about 2.5 watts per channel. The 13EM7 tube is a compactron type tube first used in early televisions, and is two tubes in one; in this case it is similar to having a 2a3 and a 12ax7 in one tube. Tube rectified (6CA4). Great iron on this amplifier, including vintage Tamura (Tamradio) power and output transformers and a massive vintage Thordarson choke. There is even a headphone section (8 - 600 ohm impedance).

This amp sounds incredible, with a rich but fast sound. Although low powered it has some bark. The soundstage is wide and deep if its in the recording, and it seems to play so well on every speaker combination I have tried. The only limitation is that impedance must be 6 ohms or more.