Jim Nichols Single Ended EL-84

Another sweet amplifier by Jim Nichols, this time in a smaller and more modern looking package, complete with fat, rubber vibrapod feet. This is a single ended EL-84, tube rectified, with three source inputs and a very fine headphone section.

Driven by your choice of 12AT/AU/AX7 (here pictured with a 12BH7, an great little NEC sourced from a 1960s Sony reel to reel), this amp has all of the EL-84 tone and pace, but with that curious single ended glow. I've had great success with this amp and the Bendix 6094 supertubes on EL-84 adapters. A very interesting experience!

Here with the Bendix 6094 tubes. Airier and drier than EL-84, these make for interesting variants