Lowther Club of Hong Kong "Jazz" 6L6

I'm a big fan of the 6L6 tube in single ended amps. It’s such a large and diverse family of tubes, with a huge variety to choose from and they all sound good (and some of them sound absolutely spectacular!). This is a very straightforward power amp, with 6SN7 inputs and a 5Y3 rectifier. I'm using an adapter to fit an antique 80 globe here, with Hitachi long plate 6SN7 inputs and 6BG6 power tubes. The 6BG6 are my favorite of the 6L6 family.

Overall, this is a well made amplifier, and has a nice clean layout. The sound is big and expansive as single ended 6L6 tends to be, with rich layers of sound. One nitpick is that the connectors on this amp are not the best. I wish someone at Lowther Club had budgeted $10 more for some nice heavy duty binding posts and RCA plugs. UPDATE: Lowther Club listened and have upgraded the connectors on this amplifier. Apart from that small, now resolved complaint, this is a good amplifier that offers a lot of tube rolling possibilities.