Magnavox console 6V6 rebuilt

Here is a nicely updated Magnavox 6V6 console amplifier. There are thousands of these old 1950's/60's console tube amps out there and I'd always wanted to hear one. This example came up on eBay at a price I thought was a great deal, so I snapped it up, and am glad I did. This is a really nice sounding amp!

While certainly not a Ferrari in the way that many of the single ended amps are, this old clunker nonetheless has a very cohesive sound that is rich and vibrant with good placement of instruments and a warm glow to everything. The person who updated this amplifer left the circuit intact but added the volume pot, modern binding posts, power switch, power cord and even made a simple wooden frame. I believe the power tubes are original. With the versatility of 18 watts or so of power and a volume control on this amp, I suspect this is one I'll keep for a long time. Its a great amp for the workshop system, or for lending out to tube newbies, but it wouldnt be out of place at all running in the main system either. I'm very impressed. Its hard to imagine anyone having buyer's remorse with a well updated console push pull like this one.

The cool old 6V6 tubes are original.

These days this amp is powering my wife's digital piano through an old set of Sansui speakers. She and her students love the rich powerful sound this delivers.