MHDT Labs Paradisea+ DAC

The MHDT Labs Paradisea+ is a usb/toslink/coaxial non-oversampling DAC. It has a tube buffer stage, and seems to be very good at what it does. I don’t have near;y the experience with DAC units that I do with amps, owning only the MHDT and a Keces unit, but the Paradisea+ sounds good even in comparison to my vinyl rig, so I am happy. Furthermore, I have been using my second hand unit almost daily for the past four years with no problem at all.

I’ve tried a variety of tubes the buffer slot, including Eclipse-Pioneer labeled Bendix 5670, Ericsson 2C51, and Sylvania gold pin 5670. The best so far, however, has been everyone’s favorite, the Western Electric 396A.