H.H. Scott 299C 1960's tube receiver

Pictured below is a real audio classic from when the “golden age” of hifi was in full swing. The H.H. Scott 299C tube receiver is such a great piece of audio history. The amp below went through a complete restoration by Chris Keller. Featuring all original tubes including H.H. Scott power tubes, lovely Telefunkens throughout and a Mullard rectifier, it’s as nice of an example of a classic Scott amp as you are likely to find.

This amplifier has such a rich tonality to its presentation that it really took me off guard. After hearing so many tube amplifiers over the years, this one has something so deep and rich about its sound that it really stands out. I used this receiver in my living room system for about a year, and while music was always enjoyable (but a bit less defined than the single ended amps that I’m used to), I found that paired with a Scott 350B tube tuner the voice reproduction was just stunning. Talk radio like NPR was just perfect, and even my teenage daughter liked the amp for her top 40 station.

Sadly, sometimes I make a mistake and let a really fine piece of equipment go, and that is the case here. I bought the gigantic Mayer 45 and needed to make some of that back, and the Scott went out the door. Its one I do really regret letting go, and I hope the new owner is very happy with it. Maybe one day I’ll find another like it. Highly recommended.