Classic Valve Design "Baby Amp S.E.P." Single Ended Pentode 12BY7A

Here it is; this unassuming little single ended pentode is one of the best amps I've had in my room for imaging, tone and just plain musical enjoyment.

Built by Gregg van der Sluys of Classic Valve Design in BC, Canada, the amp I am fortunate to own is apparently the first of three, and according to Gregg it is the best sounding of the trio. I believe it!

I have no idea what's here parts wise, but the driver is a 6N1P and the output tubes are 12BY7A; a low cost and largely unknown tube in hifi. The 12BY7A seems to have been a video amplifier, and appears to have been used by HAM enthusiasts as preamplifier tubes. I sourced a 5 pack of NOS Orange Globe Amperex 12BY7A tubes for it at very reasonable cost, and it sounds spectacular! And the purple glow at startup is cool too!

This amp has the drive, the deep rich bass and the floating holographic “you are there” feeling that really puts a smile on your face. Diana Krall and Tom Waits have rarely sounded this real and in the room.