Hand Made South Korean Single Ended 45

This is a very special amplifier. It belongs to a friend, and I have borrowed it several times; once for almost two months! The sound of this beautiful single ended 45 is truly addictive. It was my reference point for good sound for quite a while, and was barely displaced by the Jeremy Fix single ended 13em7. But if I had to live with just one amp for the rest of my days this 45 would do it.

This was built by a gentleman in South Korea, and is 230 volts, so a step down transformer is needed here in the states. The inputs are 12sl7, and the output transformers are vintage Western Electric.

This amp has the drive, the rich bass and the “you are there” feeling on single driver open baffles that really makes this hobby interesting. It doesn’t not have the largest sound stage, nor the minutest of detail retrieval that some other amps exhibit. But there is a golden tone with this one that is absorbing.