Single Ended 6L6

A gorgeous single ended amplifier running the wonderful 6L6 tube, and its many variants. This amp really turned me on to the possibilities of the 6L6 tube in single ended configuration and led me to buy a Decware Mini Torii. This wonderful "little" big amplifier was made by a very talented gentleman named Mark Still from the Boston area, and is one of the finest builds I have had the opportunity to own. Mark is a perfectionist and it shows!

This amplifier features some of the largest iron I have ever seen on an amp, and weighs in close to 30 pounds, but in a small and compact footprint. It takes quite a while to warm up, but once it does it has a very nice drive and pace, a good solid soundstage. With Tung Sol round plate 6SL7 drivers, it sounds particularly delicious. This amp ran in my living room system alongside the Lance Cochrane EL-84, and held its own nicely. A thicker and meatier sound than the push pull EL-84.

I used this amp with a variety of 6L6 tubes, including the terrific Valve Art 350B and a pair of 1952 Tung Sol 6AR6 tubes on adapters. The 6AR6 are rumored to be Western Electric 350A tubes without anode caps. The 6BG6 tube was a very good performer here as well.