Tube Audio Labs "Cantata" WE91a 300B

Where to start with this truly amazing amplifier? Hand made by Min Yang of Tube Audio Lab, this monster represents a no holds barred, no expense spared version of the famous Western Electric 91a circuit. With all oil caps, a huge vintage Western Electric power transformer and a massive vintage Altec choke, James output transformers and a switchable filament supply allowing use of 6C6 or WE310A input tubes, this amp is close to an ultimate tube achievement. Full details, and better photos of this amazing amp can be found here.

Weighing in at an ungainly 85 pounds and with an enormous 20x 12 footprint, this amplifier dominated my space, and simply dwarfed everything else in the room. But despite its imposing looks, it ran quiet and cool, and sounded very sweet. I can see why the 91a circuit is held in such reverence, and why they are still in demand. Ultimately the size got the better of me with this one, and with the Bez 300B amps on the shelf, space constrictions won out. But this amp was a treat to own and Min’s work comes highly recommended.