Weston Acoustics Time Machine 300B Integrated

Here we have a Weston Acoustics Time Machine 300B integrated. This amp was built by Earl Weston in Australia, and is a gorgeous amplifier with a fit and that is top notch. It has such classic, muscular lines and a sound to match.

One of the things that attracted me to this amplifier were the transformers. Earl hand winds each one himself, and they spec out way into the ether. How many builders out there wind their own transformers? I had to hear for myself.

This amp features a volume control and switchable selection of four inputs. I found running it with the minimax preamp opened up the soundstage a bit, but the amp certainly did not need the drive. This amp was finicky about input tubes as well, with some of them causing a bit of hum. I finally settled on a set of brown Bbse Tung Sol 6SN7 and the trusty Sophia Mesh plate 300B over both the Electro Harmonix Gold and JJ, which left the Weston running nice and silent on 96 db/wm speakers.