Will Vincent Push Pull 45

Will Vincent is a living legend in the tube amp world. Having owned his amazing 801a amplifier for a few weeks, as fortune would have it the Vincent amp that first peaked my interest in his gear appeared for sale, the push pull 45. In the 30’s the push pull 2A3 ruled the roost, and I’ve always wondered what a push pull 45 could be. You just don't see that circuit built anywhere, and as far as I know Will Vincent is the only choice for that configuration.

Unpacking this one I was struck by how well put together everything is. This feels solid in every way, like a mini version of the 801a amp. Built into a Dynaco chassis this is a fairly compact unit and very elegantly constructed. The meter on the front panel reminds me of the speedometer on an old motorcycle; this amp looks fast. I thought I would dislike the white finish, but it is very appealing in person. All in all this is certainly one of the best looking amps I’ve owned so far.

Firing it up for the first time I am rewarded with only the slightest amount of hum audible with my ear right at the speaker, which is always a bonus. As expected, this amp sounds very good, with a rich and deep presentation that feels refined and silky smooth. The push pull 45 makes good solid bass, both on the Telefunken cabinets and with the Zenith baffles. At 3 or so watts per channel this wants an easy to drive, efficient speaker of 95 db/wm or better and delivers a triode-like sound with a bit of a thicker, meatier presentation than the 45 in single ended configuration. There is a little bit less bloom and image but a somewhat more solid feeling. Back to back with a push pull EL84, the push pull 45 has more warmth and a little less speed. Apples and oranges, really. Its nice to have both!

As the second Will Vincent amp that I have owned, I have to say that Mr. Vincent builds a top-shelf amplifier. Other than the addition of a volume control, I don't see anything I would change in the build quality on this beautiful amplifier. The fidelity is also very good and this is one of the better push pull amps I have had through my room. This could easily be a long-term solution for anyone with less efficient speakers who still wants some triode goodness. I'd be interested to hear this in a 2A3!

A beautiful amplifier! The gloss white looks great in person and this amp feels like it belongs on a racetrack.

The cool meter panel makes this a statement piece, also signed by the Creator. Bravo!

This came supplied with early 1930's engraved base Radiotron Cunningham 45 tubes, very high quality and a nice touch.

The driver tube here is an unusual one, the 6BL8/E80CF. Will likes to use some unusual tubes and this is not one I have any previous experience with. It turns out to be a very high quality gold pin tube that seems to do great in this application.

Lots of attention to detail. Built on a reclaimed ST-70 chassis, this has been redone very well indeed.

This is absolutely one of the best looking amplifiers I have ever seen.